CLAC’s mission is to “explore the use of information technology in the context of liberal education and to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas among its members.” To that end, CLAC develops robust opportunities to help foster collaboration among the member schools.

To serve this mission, the CLAC Mindshare Program brings together staff from member institutions to engage in 1- to 3-day collaboratories to tackle projects and activities not feasible when done alone. These activities may take the form of a variety of models, and examples include (but are not limited to) projects such as enlisting a CLAC peer specialist to consult and share expertise about a particular topic at your school, arranging a small workshop or meeting with CLAC peers to explore solutions for a shared challenge, sending staff to another CLAC institution to learn about that school’s technique or solutions for a common technology, etc.

Regardless of the exact form of each Mindshare project, the goal of the program is two-fold: (1) Staff participating in a project will have an opportunity to expand their professional development and (2) the school(s) receiving the shared expertise will have help from an outside perspective on a technology project, implementation or challenge. Ultimately, we hope that the Mindshare Program will facilitate a new way of thinking by encouraging and motivating CLAC schools to look to one another for help, support and consulting.

Schools participating in the exchange program will be required to present the results of the exchange at the next annual CLAC meeting.


Schools may suggest ideas, offer expertise, or solicit requests for help through the program by posting to the CLACreps list. Once institutions have found partners and worked together to develop a project idea, the partner schools should submit a proposal to the Board by emailing our Programs Coordinator and outlining:

  •       The project title
  •       The need that the Mindshare Program would meet for the receiving school
  •       Names and roles of the individuals who will be collaborating
  •       Proposed dates and schedule for the visiting participant(s)
  •       Details of travel, transportation, meals and accommodations for those visiting
  •       Anticipated outcomes

Proposals will be awarded based on the merit of each submission as it attempts to address the goals of the program as stated above.


Area Expert: CLAC will provide a $500 stipend for a three-day consulting engagement to each knowledge expert participating in the exchange program. In addition, CLAC will fully fund travel, housing and incidentals required for the duration of the exchange. The sending school will receive a $2500 payment to help offset or augment the loss of staff for the duration of the exchange.

Workshops/Group Projects/etc.: CLAC will provide travel, housing and meal funding to bring together staff from various schools to work through projects, develop shared programs or documentation, etc.

Up to $30,000 of funding has been identified for funding Mindshare projects in the 2015-2016 CLAC fiscal year, with funding approval granted by the CLAC Board.


The Board will evaluate and award stipends on a monthly basis over the course of the submission period as requests are received. However, the submission process ends on February 29, 2016. Projects must be complete in time for presenting at the CLAC conference in June 2016.


The Board will evaluate the CLAC Mindshare Program after each year. Recommendations and modifications will be made to the program at that time based on participant feedback and funding availability.

If you have questions

Contact John O’Keefe or any Board Member